Marine Insurance on Cargo & Goods

A range of insurance policies available, based on the client’s trading conditions.

Insurance: Marine Cargo & Goods

The transportation and movement of cargo are essential to the world economy and whether you’re involved in importing, exporting or manufacturing, Marine Cargo Insurance provides the protection required for the transportation of cargo worldwide.

Insurance policies can be written on annual basis or for once-off shipments / transits. In addition, policies can be extended to include inland transits in Ireland or indeed a separate stand-alone policy for inland transit is available.

Marine Cargo Liability Insurance

Companies and Contractors involved in the movement and storage of cargo assume a liability for the cargo entrusted to them, therefore, companies such as Freight Forwarders, Warehousemen, Carriers / Haulage Contractors need to insure their liability in these circumstances.

In general these companies and contractors operate under Conditions Of Trading and the range of insurance policies available is based on the client’s trading conditions.